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2017-04-19 01:02 pm


I've just published photos from Duncansby Head here. Cliffs, stacks, fulmars and islands...
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2016-08-25 01:27 pm

Byron The Bronze Rat

A few weeks ago I was poking around among the Chinese stuff on eBay, looking for writing-related items which I buy and sell. I came upon this bronze rat which has nothing to do with writing but was irresistible. I had to have him.

 photo IMGP2962_zpsa6gtgeqi.jpg

I expect he features in some Chinese folktale. I've hunted around on the Internet but I didn't find anything that seemed to relate to him.

 photo IMGP2964_zpsk7ehvfgt.jpg

He's got some Chinese characters stamped into his bronze hide. Does anyone know what these mean?

I expect that it's a sign of second childhood when you start buying bronze rats online. For the moment, at least, there are no other signs. I haven't taken to playing with wooden blocks, nor have I lost the ability to read. I can still tie my shoelaces but for how long I don't know.
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2013-04-09 07:14 pm

Not Quite A State Funeral

but still a bloody expensive one and we taxpayers are going to have to fork out for it. Dig a hole in a landfill and throw the old bitch in, I say.
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2013-04-08 06:45 pm

O Frabjous Day!

Soon there will be a grave to piss on.